How to Hide or Show Blogger NavBar at Will

Why Remove the Blogger NavBar?

A lot of blogger consider the Blogger NavBar a necessary evil. The NavBar tells anyone that visit that the blog is hosted on Blogspot. Sometimes, this is not just necessary and the blogger will want to conceal the fact as much as possible. Well not as if it is a crime to be using a free hosted blog. We bloggers just want to have an option.

Beside that, sometimes the Blogger NavBar is a quick escape route from the blog as it provides easy navigation to an unknown blog with its Next Blog button. Cosidering the fact that it is placed at the beginning of the screen, it is eye-catching and tempts visitors to click away. So, I prefer it hidden.

Also, visitors tends to get embarrassed when they click the next blog button and they are taken to a blog that is full of unwholesome content. At this point, they don't remember that they were the one that navigated to such site, they simply blame their unfortunate adventure on the owner of the previous blog. I'll sure love to tell them they are dumb, but that will be a silly way to treat a Website Visitor that you want to keep loyal to your site. So that is one more reason to want to hide the NavBar.

Why Retain The Blogger NavBar?

So, why don't we just get rid of the NavBar by hacking the template and removing the code that shows it or inserting a code that prevents it from showing? Well, as a webmaster, there are times you need the NavBar! Yes you heard me write. It saves you a lot of time when you need to do some quick task at the back-end of your blog. So, the best option is to have an option to Hide or Show Blogger NavBar at Will.

Show or Hide the Blogger NavBar at Will

You only need to paste two piece of codes into your template. Get the code here Hide and Show Blogger NavBar (sorry, I don't know how to display the html without breaking, post). For a demonstration of how it works, you can click the Show/Hide Blogger NavBar on the uppermost part of this blog side bar. It toggles the Blogger Nav Bar on and off.

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